Call for Papers

Bridging Ages International Conference in Vaasa, Finland 12-14.9 2017

Together for the future

-          the heritage education and applied heritage as a bridge between the past and the future

Finland celebrates 100 years as an independent state in 2017. As it was in 1917, the question of nationalism, ethnicity and identity is presently a hot topic. The question of how to create an equal world is as current now as it was then. What does democracy mean? Can it be understood in different ways? What is the role of history and heritage in this? Can we attempt to use the past in order to make sense of our present circumstances? In many countries, the question of an equal and democratic society for all is a very current subject and Bridging Ages have worked with the theme from different angels. At this conference we are looking at new openings to and reflections of what these themes can mean. We welcome innovative examples of how to discuss and reflect on democracy, nationalism, identity, ethnicity and unionism through heritage education and the Time Travel method.

Bridging Ages is an international organization working with heritage education and applied heritage through the Time Travel method. The organization works with museums, schools, universities and cultural and social institutions in more than 20 countries.

The conference will host regular paper sessions and workshops. Paper sessions contain three or more 20-minute papers, which draw on recent research, practices or educational findings. They address a theme from a specific angle. Each session is led by a moderator and concluded with a discussion. We welcomeexamples of new practical approaches.

Workshops are hands-on training sessions, offering participants the opportunity to learn and evolve their approaches to the Time Travel method.

Please submit an abstract of your presentation or workshop, not more than half a page, and a short description of yourself, by 31.3 2017 to

If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact our conference manager,  

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